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Blockfolio - The Crypto Investment Tracker App!

By Crypto Nation – 4 November 2020   

Having a good follow-up of your crypto investments is essential! The Blockfolio application offers you this service, free of charge. This tool will allow you to quickly visualize the evolution of all your crypto investments. You will be able to better manage your portfolio and be alerted in real time to variations. 

How does Blockfolio work?

Blockfolio brings together prices for several thousand cryptocurrencies, from almost all existing exchangesYou can display the amounts in Fiat (Euro, Dollar, etc.) or in Bitcoin (BTC). The prices are constantly updated, so you can be sure to have the correct average prices for all the markets.

Let’s come to the summary:


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Presentation of the Blockfolio application

The Blockfolio app is available on iOS and Android.

To give you a quick overview of the features available on Blockfolio:

  • Global vision of your crypto wallet: On the same page you can see all your cryptocurrency investments and find informations about your transactions.
  • Alerts: An alert system is available to receive notifications when a price is reached on a cryptocurrency (up or down).
  • Charts and Orderbook: As on an exchange platform, you will have chart indicators, orderbook and other market details for each crypto.
  • News: News is integrated into the app, so you can stay up to date of the latest crypto news with ease.
  • Conversion: You will be able to see your wallet in various currencies, Euro, Dollar, Bitcoin, or even in Ethereum.
  • In addition to the huge number of cryptocurrencies available, Blockfolio is quickly adding new ones.
Application Blockfolio

Managing your crypto portfolio with Blockfolio

The main screen of the Blockfolio application allows you to check all the assets of your cryptocurrency portfolio. It contains the current price of the crypto, the quantity held, and therefore the value it represents. By clicking on the values, you can switch from numbers to percentages, or change the display between FIAT, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

To add a cryptocurrency to this wallet, just click on the + , at the bottom center, then search for the crypto in question, and click on it.

You can then add a transaction to it. To do this, click on the relevant crypto, then go to Add a transaction. Indicate if this is a BuySell, or Transfer between cryptoassets. Indicate the platform, then enter the values, finally click on Save.

You will also be able to manage alerts to help you in your market monitoring. To do this, once you are on the desired cryptocurrency, go to the Alerts tab, and click Add an alert.

Add a Cryptocurrency

Blockfolio Connect

Adding a Transaction

Blockfolio Add

Add an Alert

Application Blockfolio

Integration of the Signal tool

As you know, the cryptocurrency markets remain very speculative overall, and they often react quickly to the slightest information.

Thanks to the Blockfolio Signal tool, directly integrated into the application, you will be informed of all the announcements made by the projects of the various cryptocurrencies present in your portfolio! This tool has been developed so that cryptocurrency project teams can be directly connected with their communities.

Application Blockfolio
Application Blockfolio

News directly on the application

From the main screen, you will find a News tab. This brings together various news on the environment of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. You can also find information on market trends.

You will be able to select the sources of this information yourself from the long list available.

Application Blockfolio
Application Blockfolio

Visualization of cryptocurrency markets

The last of the tabs is the market. By going there, you will get financial statement information from a list of over 8,000 cryptocurrencies.

Blockfolio Market
Application Blockfolio

Blockfolio is positioned as an essential tool to have a simple and effective monitoring of its crypto assets. It is even possible to directly link its accounts from trading platforms, so that your cryptocurrencies and transactions are updated automatically. In short, a complete and serious application, ideal for having a quick visualization of your performances.


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