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Unyx Data : Your Pass to the World of Crypto Trading Made Easy

By Crypto Nation – October 20, 2023

The most advanced trading metrics to turn your crypto journey into a success.

Unyx Data are advanced indexes and indicators that provide real-time market analysis and trend predictions, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your trading strategies. Designed to be accurate and reliable, they are suitable for beginners as well as experienced traders and investors.

Contents :

  1. Indexes
  2. Indicators
  3. Analysis tools
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Altseason Index (BAI) : Know when it’s best to hold Altcoins or stay focused on Bitcoin by getting information on crypto market dominance and seasonality.




Bullmarket Index (BBI) : Bullmarket or Bearmarket? Maximize your chances of success with this indicator analyzing the crypto market’s underlying trend.




Stockmarket Index (BSI): Easily visualize the overall state of the traditional market, while benefiting from an analysis of the underlying trend thanks to real-time monitoring of a multitude of assets.




Money Printer Index (BMP) : Visualize at a glance the state of money printing by the world’s major banks, enabling you to effectively predict the market’s upside or downside potential.



Rainbow Score (BRS) : Simplify your analysis and optimize your positions with this indicator providing buy and sell zones using colored bands and arrows.



Unyx Bands (BUB) : Get decision-making support with this high-performance trading strategy that provides buy and sell signals over a medium-term horizon.



Bitcoin Cycle Synthesis (BCS) : Identify Bitcoin cycles with the best metrics to invest at the right time in the crypto market.



Ultimatyx Screener & Oscillator (BUX) : Identify the most relevant overbought and oversold levels in real time, thanks to the correlation of several indicators in a single oscillator and synthetic table.



Strength Reversion & Oscillator (BSX) : Obtain accurate market reversal points using several momentum and trend strength indicators.



Volatility Bands (BVB) : Benefit from an outstanding strategy based on asset volatility, and capitalize on strong market fluctuations while managing your risk.



Trend Identifier (BTI) : Track all types of trends on any asset to efficiently detect potential market inversions.



Pivot Identidier (BPI) : Display key points and Fibonacci levels to detect support and resistance zones to optimize your entries and profit-taking.



Unyx Data Overview (BUD) : Get a summary of the status of numerous Unyx Data on the assets of your choice, visualize and interpret a maximum of information at a glance.



Fibonacci Score (BFS) : Fibonacci helps you identify areas of risk and opportunity in any asset to optimize your buying and selling.



[FREE] Performance Oscillator (BPO) : Analyze the performance of any type of asset over several timeframes and identify investment opportunities.



[FREE] Divinetrend (BDT) : Provides a simple approach to surfing the trends of any asset with efficient visualization thanks to its colors, signals and alerts.



Whales Indicator (BWI) : Whales have a major influence on the market, so keep an eye on them and simply anticipate the decisions of large portfolios.



Drawdown Visualizer (BDV) : Monitor the drawdown (value of the drop between the highest and lowest points) of assets and act accordingly to reduce your risk.



Central Banks Balance (BCB): Watch for upward or downward trends in the balance sheets of the world’s central banks to anticipate market movements that are related to money printing.



Central Banks Variation (BBV) : View the rate of change in the balance sheets of the major central banks over different time units for a clear summary of changes in the money-printing rate.



US Market Liquidity (BML): Get a clear view of US market liquidity and monitor its status at a glance to anticipate movements on risky assets.


In conclusion

Unyx Data is your strong ally in the challenging world of cryptocurrencies. The diversity and relevance of their tools are sure values in an intractable ecosystem. With real expertise and a clear presentation, Unyx Data is a reassuring gateway for new traders and investors, while meeting the needs of experienced users.

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