Where to buy Cryptocurrency

Platforms to buy Cryptocurrency

By Crypto Nation – 6 March 2020   

It is getting easier and easier to buy cryptocurrency. If you want to benefit from broad services, this is usually always done on Exchanges. Many companies are developing new niche services, making it even easier to acquire cryptocurrency, while benefiting from certain advantages.

We will only put on this page the platforms for which we have made a guide, because we do not want to let you go without the adequate knowledge in a new environment, which can be complex.

Other platforms will therefore quickly be added to the list. There’s no shortage of places to buy cryptocurrency these days. The important thing is to go to the right place.


Exchanges remain the main places to buy cryptocurrency. Usually, they also offer the broadest spectrum of services, but not always in an optimized way.

Binance – The must-have platform!

Any investor in cryptocurrency, will switch to Binance at one time or another. One of the most widely used and diversified cryptocurrency exchange on the market.

Created in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, the Binance platform very quickly established itself as the world leader of exchanges! A varied offer with more than 350 cryptocurrencies, up-to-date services, a clean and simple interface, in short, there are many reasons to be interested.

Binance Logo

Crypto.com – An ideal platform to invest in Cryptos

Crypto.com has become a real essential cryptocurrency ecosystem. The Crypto.com environment is therefore a reference for the daily use of cryptocurrency, we will guide you through this article, to better understand this giant.

Crypto.com Logo

Coinbase – Efficiency is in simplicity

Coinbase is a platform renowned for its security and convenience, which makes it one of the benchmarks for beginners. Everything is clear, and simplified as much as possible, in order to make your first cryptocurrency investments with complete peace of mind.

This platform even offers to earn cryptocurrency for free!

Coinbase Logo

Paymium and its Blockchain.io exchange – A winning duo

We can clearly qualify Paymium as a visionair. It is the first crypto-exchange to have emerged in the world. Indeed, this french exchange opened its doors in… 2011. Or only 3 years after the birth of Bitcoin. So here is one of the rare platforms to have had the courage to open the way to the moon.

Paymium Logo

DEX, Decentralized Exchanges

An essential part of the DeFi ecosystem, DEXs are platforms that allow users to trade and buy cryptocurrency without the need of a trusted intermediary. Transactions are carried out directly from one wallet to another via liquidity pools, thanks to a system of Smart Contracts.

Uniswap – The leader of decentralized exchanges (DEX)

Uniswap is the decentralized platform with the largest amount of volume in the DeFi ecosystem today. This platform is dedicated to transactions of all cryptocurrencies that circulate on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH). We can thus find a wide offer of tokens.

Uniswap Logo

1inch – The leader of DEX aggregators

1inch is not really a DEX, decentralized exchange platform, but a DEX aggregator. Thanks to the interoperability of the Ethereum network, 1inch makes it possible to carry out exchanges by obtaining the best rates on the market.

1inch Logo

Mobile applications, 2.0 platforms

To be in line with an increasingly mobile generation, some platforms are totally focused on the application aspect. You can buy your favorite cryptocurrency directly from your mobile, with ease.

The Crypto.com application – The best of the Visa crypto card!

If you already have a foothold in cryptocurrency, you’ve surely heard of Crypto.com payment cards. If this is not the case, we will show you here how to get one, and thus benefit from a cashback of up to 8%, on all your purchases!

Crypto.com App Logo

Enter the referral code zd3a26c3j8 to receive a $ 50 bonus!

SwissBorg – The innovative investment application accessible to all!

The SwissBorg app is the Swiss nugget of cryptocurrencies. And yes, Switzerland is all the same a guarantee of quality, and SwissBorg does not refrain to the rule! Ideal for making cryptocurrency investments in a simple and efficient way. The project is very solid, it was launched in 2017, after a successful ICO which raised 52 million dollars!

SwissBorg Logo

Companies specializing in passive income in cryptocurrency

Staking, Masternodes, Savings, so many solutions to earn interest, and thus enjoy passive income on your cryptocurrency.

Just Mining (Meria) – Passive Cryptocurrency Income!

Do you want to invest in cryptocurrency in an easy way, without headaches, taking advantage of passive income? Just Mining will delight you! This company offers several types of investments, ideal for your crypto wallet.

Just Mining Logo

Feel Mining – European Leader for your interests!

This other company offers just as many wonderful services. If you want to invest in cryptocurrency the easy way, and enjoy passive income, you’ve come to the right place! Feel Mining offers investment methods that allow your crypto portfolio to grow quickly.

Feel Mining Logo

YouHodler – Boost your savings!

Investing in cryptocurrency is good. With interest it’s even better, especially with those offered by YouHodler. With the constant innovation present in cryptocurrency, the investments become strong and serious opportunities to grow your savings.

Youhodler Logo

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