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By Crypto Nation – 27 June 2020   

The SwissBorg app is the Swiss nugget of cryptocurrencies. And yes, as much as Switzerland is a guarantee of quality, SwissBorg does not disprove the rule! Ideal for making cryptocurrency investments in a simple and efficient way.

The project is very solid, it was launched in 2017, after a successful ICO which raised 52 million dollars!

SwissBorg: Easily manage your Crypto investments

Crazy growth, boosted by innovations!

Honestly, SwissBorg is arguably the easiest app to invest in cryptocurrency efficiently. In addition to that, they offer several tools to help you in your trades, and make a white paw on transparency.

Full of ambitions , SwissBorg is experiencing very strong growth. More than 50,000 users in a hundred different countries.

There are already more than $ 60 million invested through their application.

Swissborg Team

Registration on SwissBorg

Registration follows the usual standards, always quick and easy. It will take you less than 2 minutes to register, and even receive a welcome gift of up to $100!

Start by downloading the app by clicking here, available on iOS and Android.

Follow the on-screen instructions, and have your ID documents verified.


Once you have successfully registered, make a deposit worth at least $50, and win a random CHSB voucher, up to $100!

Cryptocurrencies available with SwissBorg

SwissBorg is not intended to offer you 350 cryptos like a huge exchange such as Binance. The goal here is to get to the point! You will therefore have the choice between 12 projects, including many Stablecoins, and that’s already very good:

  • Bitcoin: The king of crypto.
  • Ethereum: The right arm of the king.
  • CHSB: The native crypto of SwissBorg.
  • USD Coin: Stablecoin backed by the dollar.
  • PAX Gold: Stablecoin backed by the value of gold.
  • Enjin: Project based on blockchain technology in gaming.
  • Kyber Network: Native token of the decentralized exchange of the same name.
  • Compound: Decentralized finance protocol.
  • Aave: One of the pillars of DeFi.
  • Ren: Project allowing private transfers between blockchains.
  • Dai: Dollar backed stablecoin issued by MakerDAO.
  • Binance Coin: Token of the giant Binance exchange.
Swissborg Bitcoin

AI, SwissBorg’s little extra

Are you a beginner? Or are you tired of long technical analyses? So why not trust artificial intelligence (AI)? At least give it a chance to support you!

Indeed, SwissBorg integrates a tool allowing to find 3 indicators  which can help you better anticipate the good times:

  • Cyborg Predictor: Indicator based on an artificial intelligence algorithm using Machine Learning mechanisms. A lot of historical market data is correlated with technical indicators, in order to anticipate the price trend over 24 hours.
  • SwissBorg Indicator: Gives you the current market trend. This combines several well-known indicators, such as the RSI, MACD lines, or even Bollinger bands.
  • Community Sentiment: Small graphic showing the feelings of the SwissBorg community. The indicator is based on the volume of transactions carried out on the application over the last 24 hours. It also compares the pressure to buy and sell in the market.

And as a bonus, you can also have support and resistance indicators. Once again calculated automatically by algorithms, they can provide valuable information.

Swissborg Analysis

SwissBorg, transparency par excellence

The philosophy of Bitcoin is partly based on transparency. SwissBorg strongly encourages this approach, thanks to the Smart Exchange Report. First, when you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency on the app, the Smart Engine will search for the best price for you to maximize your profit.

Then, the Smart Exchange Report will graphically trace the exact journey of your transaction to reach its target.

Swissborg App

Thanks to this, you can trace the path of your transactions transparently. The application will automatically compare the prices of lots of exchanges in order to obtain the best possible path. This helps to avoid hidden charges, in addition to getting the best price for your trade.

Generate earnings on the application

SwissBorg also offers its yield service. That is like a savings, to generate income on the funds that you keep aside.

Swissborg return

Here again, with the Smat Yield Account innovation, SwissBorg will show itself at the top of simplicity, while combining surprising efficiency. Three essential points are to be remembered here:

  • Smart: The application makes sure to constantly offer you the best rate of return, thanks to its aggregation of several platforms.
  • Simple: Very affordable, with a minimum of $10 in capital. No time to block your funds. Exemplary flexibility.
  • Secure: A portion of the rewards generated are automatically transferred to a security fund. If something goes wrong with the protocol, you can rest assured that your funds will be refunded!

No room for doubt with SwissBorg. It is an application that you absolutely must have on your mobile for cryptocurrency holders, it will simplify your life.

Lots of interesting tools available for free, in addition to the gift of up to € 100 when you register!

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