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By Crypto Nation – 21 July 2020 has become an amazing ecosystem in cryptocurrency. It offers a lot of services that we will split into two separate guides, the Exchange guide will be covered here, and the mobile app, that allows you to make savings-type investments and have one of the best crypto credit card!

The environment is a reference for the use of crypto currencies everyday, we will guide you through this article, to get a better understanding of this platform.

The project

The beginnings of were oriented towards the development of their mobile app and their Visa credit card to provide an efficient usage for crypto-currency users. But the project has evolved a lot and has opened a solid exchange platform, offering interesting services and incredible offers!

A quick summary:

  1. The CRO token
  2. Registering on
  3. Depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies on
  4. Buying and Trading Cryptocurrencies on
  5. Staking and saving on
  6. Syndicate events
  7. Visa Cards
  8. Our conclusion

The CRO token: The native token of

The first important point to address is the governance token of, the CRO. Most of the services you will be able to subscribe to on the platform will require CROs. This token is therefore very interesting if you plan to make one of your main platforms. Moreover, it is possible to stake it to get up to 10% interest per year!

Registering on

Signing up for is very simple and will get you many bonuses!

First, click here to sign up, and enter the code zd3a26c3j8, if it is not automatically set. This code will give you $50 in CRO upon registration!

Then, follow the on-screen instructions and provide the necessary information. Your email address will be used to send you a confirmation link. Users must be at least 18 years old.

Finally, click the Create account button. An email verification will be sent to your registered email. Check your inbox to confirm your registration.

You can now enjoy the great offers of!

For starters, in addition to the $50 the platform just offered you, you’ll get:

  • 0% trading fees for 90 days !
  • 2% deposit bonus for all transfers made on the exchange for 30 days !

You can find all additional information about the 2% deposit bonus on the help page by clicking here.

Deposit cryptocurrencies on the exchange

To deposit cryptocurrencies on exchange, go to the Sale tab.

Find the crypto currency you want to deposit and press Deposit.

There are two ways to deposit cryptocurrencies on the exchange:

  • Click Copy Address and paste it on the platform you want to withdraw to.
  • Click Show QR Code and use the platform’s mobile app scanner to scan the QR code.

Once the required number of confirmations are processed, an email notification about the successful deposit will be sent to the registered email.

Withdrawing cryptocurrencies from the exchange

To withdraw cryptocurrencies from, go to the Sale tab.

Find the crypto you want to deposit, and press Withdraw.

There are two ways to withdraw cryptocurrencies from the exchange:

  • Withdraw to an external wallet address.
  • Withdraw to your Application if you have connected your Application account with the Exchange.

If you are withdrawing to an external address, you must first add a withdrawal address by pressing Add Withdrawal Address.

Adding a new wallet address requires the following:

  • Ensure that the currency selected is the correct currency to which you are withdrawing.
  • Add a Label for the address.
  • Enter your Google verification code.
  • Press Save Address.

Select the withdrawal address from the drop-down list and verify the amount you wish to withdraw.

Finally, press Review withdrawal and then Confirm withdrawal.

Buying and Trading cryptocurrencies on the exchange

To buy cryptocurrencies with FIAT, you’ll need to go through the application. Go to the dedicated page by clicking here.

To exchange crypto currencies, click on the top tab Exchange.

You will be redirected to the trading area.

If you are not comfortable with crypto currency trading interfaces, click here to see the dedicated section in the Binance guide.

Choose the cryptocurrency pair you want to trade by clicking on the boxed dropdown list.

Staking and savings offered on exchange

To benefit from real savings, you will have to go through the application. Go to the dedicated page by clicking here.

Nevertheless, on the exchange, you can benefit from a very appreciable soft staking! There is only one tick to activate to subscribe to it!

Depending on the amount of CRO you have staked on the platform, you will be able to receive small interests on all your cryptocurrencies present on the exchange! Provided you hold a minimum amount. The best part is that even the pending orders (open orders) are included!

To take advantage of this, go to the Stake & Earn tab, then to Soft Staking, and check Earn interest every day. Staking

The Syndicate events

Several times a month, organizes events called The Syndicate. They allow you to get cryptocurrencies at 50% off their value!

To see the page dedicated to these events, click on the top tab The Syndicate. Syndicate

When you then click on one of the offers available on the page, you will find all the information about how to get these tokens at -50%.

Basically, the more CRO tokens you have staked on the platform, and the better your 30-day trading volume, the higher the allowance you can claim.

In any case, if you have a way to participate, don’t hesitate to do so! CRO Staking

The Visa Credit Card

We’re covering the subject of the must-have Visa cards offered by in a separate page. Check it out to get a cashback on all your purchases! Card

Crazy offers all around! Join as soon as possible to take advantage of them, because it’s likely that all these great gifts won’t last forever!

Check out the guide dedicated to the application, and its Visa Cards by clicking here!

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