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Our favorite projects : Keep an eye on them!

By Crypto Nation – 21 July 2021   

Innovative projects, with a solid team and a coherent roadmap. This is what we will briefly present to you here. We have invested and our heart fell for these crypto projects from the very beginning, even if feelings have no place in the financial market.

What are our criterias ?

To identify support worthy projects, we evaluate several characteristics:

  • A well-established Whitepaper , offering an innovative and ambitious project.
  • A roadmap that holds up with respected deadlines.
  • Having a strong community supporting the project.
  • With a strong and experienced team.

You will find more information to find any nuggets in our golden rules which present our method for identifying good projects.

Also take notice of our crypto cards to learn more about various cryptocurrencies and find your way around this vast ecosystem.

Selected projects:

Elrond (EGLD)

Elrond has arguably established itself as one of the most ambitious projects in the cryptosphere. It is an ecosystem that we particularly appreciate, for its strength in development and technical innovation.

On top of that, the team is proving to be very good at communication and shows quality marketing which allows them to expand quickly.

New partnerships are sealed each week. The trust in the team and the project of Elrond is very high, which continues to build in order to propose a system able to respond to the needs of all transactions worldwide.

The democratization of blockchains, cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance is driven by this project, which opens the doors to a possible global adoption.

Additionaly, we appreciate the high interest rates offered by the staking of EGLD, allowing to generate passive income while investing in a project with a fundamental of undeniable quality.

Elrond Logo by Crypto Nation

Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos is a very large project, still far from having expressed its true potential. A universe of connected servicesinter-blockchain applications and communications, a bunch of essential and innovative features are the key to this project.

This ecosystem is vast and is developing on more than solid foundations. Cosmos is in our opinion, without investment advice, a trustworthy investment.

We can dream far ahead with such a project, which could become a pillar of an economic system of the future, thanks in part to its transaction time and very low costs, as well as its consensus with a very reasonable carbon impact.

In addition to the fact that everyone is free to participate in the expansion of the network, Cosmos gives everyone the opportunity to build their own system on a quality foundation.

Cosmos Logo by Crypto Nation

Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot appears to be the most advanced “Internet of Blockchains” today. With Gavin Wood at the head of the project, it’s already a great asset to move forward quickly and set the bar very high.

Very ambitious, with solid foundations, Polkadot could become one of the pillars of Web 3.0, even if there is still a long way to go. Its unique design and incredible interoperability already shows how much Polkadot pushes for innovation.

The ecosystem is clearly only in its infancy and the DOT is king in this system, where it is essential. The future therefore seems golden for this dazzlingly technologically advanced token.

On the other hand, although open source, this one cannot be approached by just anyone. Polkadot’s technology is complex. It will take good knowledge to be able to tame its power.

Polkadot Logo by Crypto Nation

Solana (SOL)

Solana stands out as a revolution in terms of performance with its overpowered blockchain, capable of competing with traditional payment systems.

Its economic model clearly shows where its founder, Anatoly Yakovenko, wants to go with this project. A technology of the future, there to perform over the long term.

The result of long years of research, the Solana project is already a success, while the expansion of its ecosystem has only just begun.

The SOL is proving to be fundamentally strong, and just as strong in the market, as it is indeed one of the cryptocurrencies that seems to resist the most recent bearish volatility shocks.

Competition is strong in the cutting-edge blockchain segment, but Solana seems to have a head start, it remains to be seen if the project will succeed in keeping it in the coming years.

Solana Logo by Crypto Nation

VeChain (VET)

VeChain is a niche project in the cryptosphere. It is one of the crypto projects with already a long and strong experience and it has stood out from the start.

Although it is not completely decentralized, VeChain seduces by its concrete uses, which respond to issues that are very present in our daily lives. It is supported by a very strong community, which believes in the values ​​of this project and which has understood the interest of such a concept for the future.

Blockchains are democratizing and there will inevitably be a place for the VeChainThor in our system of tomorrow. VeChain currently has no real competition, it completely dominates its segment.

This project opens up a multitude of possibilities, while having a very wide field of action. Whether in food, textiles, automotive, luxury, or even in the medical field, VeChain is able to provide its wide range of services, including traceability, everywhere.

VeChain Logo by Crypto Nation

Chiliz (CHZ)

Chiliz is undoubtedly a project with a future. Very innovative, it brings freshness to the world of sport, by really giving a helping hand to supporters. They get real influence and obviously feel more involved in the management and decisions of the clubs.

On the other hand, it offers a relevant solution allowing sports teams to monetize their fanbase.

partnership machine, Chiliz continues to convince and gradually increases his already substantial field of action. Many of the biggest European football clubs have already joined the adventure within Socios.

We will also appreciate the advanced mechanics of Chiliz’s economic system, which is transparent and interesting via the integration of “burn”, making it possible to reduce the total supply of tokens over time, thus creating an effect of scarcity. This is always a good thing to drive the price of an asset higher.

Chiliz Logo by Crypto Nation

Band Protocol (BAND)

The design of the Band Protocol is made in such a way to be able to provide the current fastest and most efficient solution in the field of oracles.

Its strong compatibility allows this protocol to be able to search for information from a multitude of very varied sources, and to be able to bring it to blockchains via smart contracts.

Band is therefore positioned as a leader in a niche sector. A very good thing for its future development because it continues to get ahead of any competition that is struggling to appear.

It is simple in its integration, offering developers the opportunity to start using oracle data in just a few lines of code, via a predefined interface.

Another interesting development perspective for the project is that it plans to use Cosmos Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, in order to achieve its inter-chain data transfers. But this protocol is still under development and it is not clear when it will be operational.

There is therefore a speculative interest on its fundamental. When Band can benefit from the IBC, it will be a strong accomplishment for the project, which will become essential in the development of future applications in the world of blockchains.

Band Protocol Logo by Crypto Nation

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